1. Hurricane tunes to keep your spirits up.

    Most of the following tunes are technically free downloads, but it’s always nice to support your favorite artist(s) anyway.

    BATTLE AVE. - “War Paint" - jangled, mangled, indie rock + roll

    DUMB TALK - “Dumb Talk" - dreamy garage pop

    TIME TRAVELS - “Time Travels" - layered, melodic, modern pop

    HIDING BEHIND SOUND - “Demos From the Bedroom Floor" - soundtrack to your indie film of a life

    JUST KIDS - “Just Kids" - singer-songwriter paradise

    THE NEW DIET - “Common Cold" - heavy guitars with hooks

    THE COASTS - “The Coasts" - rock n roll, rock n roll

    ELIJAH & THE MOON - “As Tall As The Sun" - foot stomping modern-folk pop

    WORKFARM - “Waiting Room" - relax into a dazed state

    any other suggestions??

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